Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wacom Cintiq, Adobe Software and my MacBookPro

What can I say? I see the world in a whole new way with my Cintiq. I cannot imagine a time when I did not own one. Do not get me wrong, there is still something very magical about holding a pencil or paint brush. However, the computer is such a wonderful tool for playing around with color. It gives you the freedom to delete and add layers with ease. I especially love the opacity bar. Being able to sketch directly on the screen of the cintiq is becoming just as natural to me as on paper. I also enjoy the faster results I get in completing an illustration. In an age where time is money, this is critical.  

Of course, the wonderful software by Adobe helps make this work as well as the fabulous features of my Mac. I have a great "set-up" in my studio and will post pictures soon. I feel like a high tech animator at Disney or Dreamworks. The combination of digital and traditional methods of creating art makes this a very exciting time to be an artist. I like taking my digital creation and recreating it with a pencil and paintbrush too. This is sort of a reverse way of thinking but I think the color study helps my traditional art.

Happy Drawing!



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