Monday, May 16, 2011

Ridley Pearson Visit - SLCL Author talks

Author Ridley Pearson visited the St. Louis County Library Headquarters a few weeks ago. His talk primarily focused on his Kingdom Keeper Series. The audience enjoyed hearing plans for the next two books. This is published by Disney and takes the loyal readers on mystery trips through the Disney theme parks.

Ridley Pearson writes books for readers of all ages. I found it interesting that on that very day, my husband was reading one of his detective crime novels while my son was beginning the Peter and the Starcatcher series. This is a series he co-wrote with Dave Barry. I will tell you that my son, who until now, read mostly Pokemon or Wimpy Kid books, has already tore through books one and two. In fact, for two days he asked me if I was able to get the 3rd book from the library. It is so popular that I ended up buying the last two, so we have the full set. He signed books one and two for us. One of my daughters is almost caught up to my son. The other two have their favorite authors too.

Thanks to the SLCL and to Ridley Pearson for inviting my whole family into the "joy of reading" club.




  1. Hi cindy, its great to have a family who are into the reading habit, for its only through reading, one can gain knowledge

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