Monday, January 28, 2013

Fanny Scholl - A Cardinal favorite along with Stan Musial

Fanny Scholl

This past week the Cardinal organization said good-bye to two legends. Our revered Stan Musial and the incomparable Fanny Scholl. Both dedicated much of their lives to serving baseball and those who love the game. We all know about Stan Musial and his incredible contributions to baseball, St. Louis and his entire family of humankind. However, fewer people knew Fanny, but Stan Musial did.

In fact, owners, GM's, broadcast announcers and Cardinal Hall of Famers knew Fanny. She held court over the Red Bird Roost. For over 40 years she never missed a game. People went out of their way to make it up to Fanny’s grill to pay homage. When people like me were serving beef tenderloin, salmon or something with a fancy French name, the guests in the Red Bird Roost simply wanted a Fanny burger. Her attention to the quality of the food she served gave her quite a reputation with the Chefs over the years. As colleagues, we got her whatever she wanted. Her less than five-foot frame and 99 years of life experience demanded great respect. Fanny took the time to get know all of her friends on a personal level. She was a true VIP.

Her world was one where powerful men and women shrank in her presence. In her humble, gentle way, she touched the lives of every person who knew her. This is a positive indictment of the kind of life she led. She retired from the stadium in her late nineties but like, Stan Musial, she left an indelible impression. We got to throw her a party near the end of the 2012 season in her beloved Red Bird Roost. A bigger party is being thrown in heaven with Stan welcoming her. Her faith was unshakable and her smile unforgettable.

We will miss you Fanny!

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