Monday, April 25, 2011

Bicycle - Illustration Friday

A girl and her dog enjoying a late evening ride by the lake.


  1. I love it! The colors are beautiful! Do they show up accurately?

  2. Thanks, I had fun with this. Actually, I use the IF pieces as more experimental. I use a Wacom tablet and often the colors I choose there appear differently when viewed via my Mac, not sure why. I really just wanted to play around with the opacity tool. I also like to draw more silhouette figures when I use so much color. The use of two different shades for these figures was due to the watercolor feature and my need to show her backpack and tires, etc. Glad you liked this.

  3. Hi cindy, u draw very well and i like the color schemes too. how are you. I have done the opening post on the winter squash or other types of pumpkin etc. I have your name listed in there. In a day or two, I will publish the first guest post.-a cartoonist blog. Will let u know each time I publish. please submit your post and url to me by email ok. Thanks…

  4. I absolutely love this illustration. I'm glad I found your blog because my kids love art and I am little help to them.

  5. I loved your work!
    I hope you publish more and more!