Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Journey - Illustrated Friday

Journey down the hill on a snowy night...nothing better or more fun!

Just as if we are looking at a picture in an album, we celebrate several journeys this week. We are reminded of the historical journey out of slavery and of the shadow of death passing over as well as the fourteen steps made during an incredible journey leading to death on a cross. Regardless of your belief in any of these historical stories, they have all made the journey through words in many books from 7000 years ago until now...pretty impressive trip.


  1. Wonderful post Cindy. Right on ;o) Happy Easter!!!

  2. Almost makes me want to go sledding at night :) Completely agree with you about Jim Croce. Thanks for the visit!

  3. Hi cindy, your cartoon sketches are also very educational, not just for fun. i really like that..plus your pastel shades and they dont look messy, like some other cartoon posts.
    please visit my latest post and accept my request to do a special- turban squash “GUEST POST” for me ok..
    I will be so grateful if you agree. Perhaps draw a cartton recipe :) would be unique./Have a nice day and happy blogging

  4. Makes me think of Calvin & Hobbes, but also of Robert Frost "stopping by woods on a snowy evening".

  5. Thanks all. I will try my best with the cartoon recipe. Also, @tanaudel, I actually believe my greatest influence to be Bill Watterson, Charles Schulz, Bil Keane and Marc Brown, so your comment is a great compliment to me.